Focus on the Lighting

Many times, wedding halls use LED lights to add color to their ambiance. These, as your wedding photographers will tell you, look really bad in pictures and take away the impact of a graceful wedding. So make sure you talk to the management at your venue and get them to stick to yellow lighting for the best wedding pictures and videos. Lights always do the trick and therefore go all out on making them the focal point of your decor

Many wedding decorators recommend masking a wedding hall, and we vouch for the same. Masking helps give a uniform base to your wedding hall decoration theme and, if done right, makes a regular hall look like a classy farmhouse. This way, you can incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding venue. You can also use this tip for your engagement decor if not for the wedding decor. Drapes have room for modification, as the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your wedding hall using drapes.